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Free Magic Trick - Magic Clock

4.8 ( 1088 ratings )
ゲーム エンターテインメント ロールプレイング カード
開発者 LOLriffic Stuff

For entertainment purposes only!

If you ever wanted to be your own magician and blow your friends minds with stellar performances and secret tricks that will leave them dumbfounded and wondering whats your secret, heres your chance to do something great! Simply start the app up and ask them to pick a magic number from the click. Afterwards, instruct your assistant to shake the device to hide and erase their pick. Afterwards, ask them to hand you the device and with some abracadabra secret words, youll amaze them as you magically know which number they picked. You dont even have to touch the device, in case they think that it was trickery.

Its easy to use and easy to perform that you can have your own show setup with a few of these tricks from the magic trick series to wow your friends. Best of all, kids and adults of all ages love magic! It keeps the surprises alive in our life!